Printpacknet.com, the printing and packaging network was founded by its president, Jon Engelson, with the idea of assembling the best possible printing and packaging companies in America, and matching these companies up with customers who need their services. Print pack net evaluates and inspects with scrutiny all potential printing and packaging companies that are in their network to make sure they are held up to the highest standards when it comes to quality and service.

With decades of experience in printing and packaging, Jon has put together an “A+” team of over 40 suppliers to draw upon and match up to potential customers based on the customers needs and location.

Printpacknet.com are not brokers. We put end users and clients directly with the printing and/or packaging companies that will best suit their needs. So clients can be sure they will be getting the best possible pricing for the services that they need.So if your company needs printing or packaging, please reach out and send us a quote. We will match you up with the best. Looking forward to providing your company with this great service.